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No Dog & Pony Show

Low Cost/High Yield lead generation and brand awareness for small and medium sized businesses is where we excel. If you need an alternative to the high priced agency or design studio, find out how Lakeland Creative can bring your brand to life and your product or service offering to the forefront in your marketplace. read more »

Lakeland Creative Services

Our Services

All of our graphic design services capitalize on our strength of producing thoughtful, arresting design and clarity of message. We prioritize function over form and pull the target audience toward the next step: Transaction with your business.
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Lakeland Creative Approach

Our Approach

Our first step is getting to know your business and the goals you have for it, as well as learning about the competitive climate you operate in, and key characteristics of your target market.
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Lakeland Creative Work

Our Work

We've had the privilege of doing great graphic design and web design work for great clients over the last two decades. Get inspired by viewing examples of our work here.
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