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Lakeland Creative photo services bring a new dimension to product lines and visual communications for Milwaukee, Chicago, and Green Bay area businesses. A large portion of projects we do involve photography. We've carried over the low cost aspect of our business model to the commercial photography needs of our clients.

Having prior experience in professional photography studios, and years of experience providing commercial photography and photo editing services to our own clients, we've learned where to keep our equipment costs down and how to streamline large workflows for projects such as catalogs and e-commerce web sites. It translates into savings, and that makes our photography affordable by any company regardless of size or budget.

In addition to photography we also offer photo services that can give your existing photos more pop and power. Background clipping and color correction are just two skills, if done correctly, that can make your photos say more and convey a crisp, professional image of your brand. View our 'example in focus' to see how we used a simple, cost-effective solution to turn a catalog of pre-existing photos into a product lineup on the cutting edge.

View some of our photography examples in our photography portfolio

We are the best value for commercial product photography. Lakeland Creative Photo Services.