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Your web site may very well be the first thing a prospect sees for his or her first impression. What is it saying? A site with poor organization, clunky layout, and sub-standard graphics could leave your prospects with an unfavorable, general impression of your entire business.

Lakeland Creative has the in-depth knowledge of how a web site should work, as well as strategically work for you - not against you. Clean, original web designs with content mapping and keyword/search engine optimization of the entire site is built into our strategy for your site beforehand, not as a afterthought.

Search engine optimization is integral to the success of any site whether your goal is lead capture, or final conversion to online sales. If your site isn't being found in search engines, you are missing opportunities. The landscape is always changing in regards to best practices for SEO, and Lakeland is on top of them - after all, we're after the best ways of promoting our brand to prospects like you! SEO can be a labyrinth of dead ends and counterintuitive strategies. To do it right, SEO requires a solid knowledge of the search engine environment that Lakeland Creative provides

Be careful though. When a company offers SEO (search engine optimization) solutions as the main focal point of their business, usually this comes at the expense of having the visual aspects of a website's appearance sacrificed for a design that only a search engine crawler could love. Lakeland provides a perfect balance between enhancing what a search engine crawler sees, and what your prospects will see. Bridging these two facets for optimum performance as a lead generating, brand enhancing sales tool is what makes us the clear choice.

Contact us and arrange a consultation where Lakeland can go over your company's online options including:

  • CMS sites(Content Managment Systems)
  • Mobile web design
  • Ecommerce
  • Start-up/New Site package deals

We are best value for amplifying your message and generating leads online.
- Lakeland Creative Web Services.